• What is Station Gallery?

    SG is a creative hub in the community! We're a public art gallery and a registered charity.
    We show art exhibitions of emerging, mid-career and established artists.
    We bring art and culture to kids, youth, adults and families of all ages and abilities through programs, classes and workshops, performances and special events.
    We are a resource to artists and champion of all things empowering and creative.

  • What is a Public Art Gallery?

    A public art gallery mounts exhibitions by artists (who receive payment for showcasing their work) and actively acquires artworks for their Permanent Collections. No direct commercial sales activity takes place in public galleries (though many have gift shops and art rental/sales facilities as part of separate fundraising activities).

    The primary focus for public art galleries is to make art available to be seen (sometimes touched, heard, and occasionally even smelled) by the general public and to provide arts education.

  • How does Station Gallery survive financially?

    Visits to Station Gallery are free thanks to donations from community partners, individuals and a whole bunch of volunteers.

    We depend on annual memberships to help keep us afloat and raise funds through community events and  the fees we earn on our programs and classes.

  • Is Station Gallery Accessible?

    Let’s make sure money doesn’t stand in the way of creativity! Each season we set aside a few subsidized spots in our programs and camp.

    Live in Whitby?
    If you have a Town of Whitby Access Pass, we can offer you up to $120 in discounts on our programs and classes.

    If you don’t have an Access Pass, find out if you qualify. Talk to Sarah Klein at the Town of Whitby by calling 905-430-4300 ext.2221 or kleins@whitby.ca.

    In Durham Region but outside of Whitby?
    You’re welcome too. Just bring your Durham Region Social Service Certificate when you’re registering. You can get one by calling the Department of Social Services, Region of Durham at 905-666-6239.

    Ready to jump on board at Station Gallery? If you spot a class or workshop that fits, find out if a spot is available – first come, first served. Community Accessibility statement 2012

    Talk to Jacquie at Station Gallery 905-668-4185 or email her, sullivanj@whitbystationgallery.com

    Station Gallery is unleashing the power of arts and culture to inspire and connect our community– thanks to our generous donors like the Town of Whitby, Ontario Arts Council, the Rotary Club of Whitby, TD Bank, OPG and the Cameron Sharrock Memorial Fund.

  • How often are gallery exhibitions changed?

    In most cases exhibitions rotate on a six-week basis. We have four main gallery spaces. The yourSpace gallery is reserved for community exhibitions. The other three galleries may feature a single artist or group collection. Exhibition openings are often on the first Saturday of a new exhibition.

    SG's Curator Olex Wlasenko gives a guided tour and interpretation of each exhibition on the 3rd Thursday of every month. 

  • Is the artwork displayed at Station Gallery for sale?

    No. We don't sell the works within the exhibitions though we're always happy to pass inquires along to the artist.

  • Can I rent Station Gallery for a party or reception?

    Gallery rentals are available at the discretion of SG; availability is dependent upon scheduled exhibitions and events. Contact art@whitbystationgallery.com to inquire. 

  • How can I get my work exhibited at Station Gallery?

    You can submit a proposal to the Curator at any time. It should include:
    A cover letter; a specific written proposal for an exhibition; slides or disk of electronic images (about 15 images) a CV or resume detailing artistic accomplishments (exhibitions, grants, reviews, etc.) and a self-addressed, stamped envelope for materials to be returned.

    Please note a response to your proposal  will take between 4 and 6 months. Exhibitions are planned 1 - 2 years in advance. 

  • How can I become a Station Gallery Artist Instructor for programs, classes and workshops?

    We're always looking for innovative and engaging professional artist instructors. Contact our Community and Specialized Education Lead Hailey Yates at yatesh@whitbystationgallery.com to start the conversation.

  • Can I take photos?

    Sure! Photography for personal and non-commercial use is permitted throughout the exhibition spaces and exterior unless otherwise stated. Some works are under copyright, so on occasion we may post a sign asking for your cooperation.
    We didn’t set the copyright rules but we certainly respect them.

    Shoot away on the exterior including the boxcar and historical rail station.