Art Talks
March 16 - August 17 2017

Call 905 668 4185 to register or browse the Station Gallery programs here to register on-line.
Take a journey through fascinating themes in art and culture. Station Gallery’s Curator Olexander Wlasenko (and sometimes special guests) deliver a unique blend of wisdom and whimsy that will connect you to historical and contemporary artists and their work. All lectures held at Station Gallery, unless otherwise indicated. Free to attend. Pre-registration encouraged; donations welcome and always appreciated!

*For more information call the Gallery at 905-668-4185.

Taking it to the Streets
Thursday March 16
7 – 8 pm

The Amended Landscape, with Chai Duncan (Latcham Gallery)
This second curatorial talk by Chai Duncan, Curator of the Latcham Gallery in Stouffville, will explore the concept of landscape - the role it has played and the evolution it has undergone in the world of art, as well as in the construction of Canadian cultural identity.
Monday  April 3
1 – 2 pm
Not-so-Starving Artists
We’ve all heard of impoverished artists working tirelessly for their craft through the ages. This encore art talk reaches beyond the well-worn stereotype to explore the connection between wealth and artistic achievement.
Thursday  April 20
7 – 8 pm
Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!
Art can be distressing. Some artists check the bounds of their profession through tests of hardship, sometimes to the point of exhaustion. This talk explores artistic extremes through performances, Endurance Art and creative feats of stamina.
Monday May 1
1 – 2 pm

How Appropriate?
Appropriation has been a strategy used by artists for over a century. In this encore presentation, we’ll survey how artists adopt, borrow, recycle or sample cultural production to make new statements with old images.  
Thursday May 18
7 – 8 pm
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Arts Club Band
Released on June 1, 1967, The Beatles’ eighth studio album revolutionized both music and album art. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of their iconic album, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, this special art talk explores connections to artisans, illustrators, designers and visual artists pictured on the record’s psychedelic sleeve.
Monday June 5
1 – 2 pm
Curator’s Walk & Talk: Barry Ace
Ottawa-based Anishinaabeg artist Barry Ace presents a new series of honouring blankets for The Five Great Lakes. The blankets are witness to the persistence of cultural continuity, through the confluence of the historical and contemporary. Join SG Curator Olex for an interesting walk and talk through this thought-provoking exhibition during Canada’s sesquicentennial celebrations.
Thursday June 15
7 – 8 pm

The Daves We Know
We’ll take an arbitrary look at artistic notions of “David.” From Michelangelo’s famed sculpture to works created by artists with the same name, during this hour we’ll explore the works made by artistic Davids — not to mention, we’ll be surrounded by David Wysotski’s solo show.
Thursday July 20
7 - 8 pm
Synchronicities: Art & Cinema, part VI
Never has the intersection of art and film been as pronounced as today. Join SG Curator, Olex Wlasenko, for an encore performance in this ever-expanding series exploring visual art and cinema. Wlasenko addresses the influence of moving images on still imagery, and vice versa.
Thursday August 17
7 – 8 pm