Valid Objects of Beauty
January 12 - March 24 2013

Susan Rankin: Valid Objects of Beauty includes work that spans over the last twelve years, and displays a varied range of inquiry into form, function, and the role of aesthetic appeal. Rankin’s skill has been applied to epergnes, scroll vases and sculptural works, and while inspiration for these different bodies of work has been clearly drawn from botanical designs, Rankin has also engaged the history of glass itself.  She flawlessly combines an in-depth knowledge of technique with an emphasis on the importance of beauty in works of art.

According to Cinzia Colella, from the catalogue essay for the exhibition:
“By allowing her work to exist in a space of exchanges between art and the viewer, and between the historical past and present, Susan Rankin has consistently created new ways to express herself and broaden the artistic medium of glass. Rankin has succeeded in striking the ever-elusive balance between concept and skill – the head and the hand – while infusing her pieces with an elegant and timeless beauty”.

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